Leather Goods-Sebastopol CA


Leather Goods :

        Since inception, the Native Rider has celebrated over 46 of constant work in the making of the quality and skillfully crafted leather goods. We offer a broad range of superior leather goods such as leather jackets, halter tops, leather shirts, leather skirts, leather bikini, leather purses and many more. We promote prized craftsmanship, an obsession for skilled handiwork and the best quality of personally gathered resources to create our preferred signature styles of Native Rider in Sebastopol, CA. Elegance and enduring beauty have always been the basis of our all the leather products, supported with superior artistry and creativity. Our patrons comprise of folks who appreciate quality leather, highly customized leather goods and also our efforts to produce them in an environment-friendly manner.

Feather Products-Sebastopol CA


Feather Products :

        Our best selling, beautiful feather products are made with natural pheasant feathers. These wonderfully simple and elegant feather products can be worn every day or just come out for special occasions. The feathers we use for Barrettes, Dazzlers, Earrings, Pluma Clips, Sprites, and Wanderers are all carefully chosen for their different qualities and layered up nicely by hand. These products are suitable for women and girls of all ages and especially for the beautiful bridesmaids. Our feather products are made to be reasonably durable and get plenty of use. These products are adhered to a well-secured leather backing and designed with a sturdy yet comfortable stainless steel clip. Our barrettes can be used as adornments on purse fronts, hats, lapels, etc.

Handmade Tools-Sebastopol CA


Handmade Tools :

        The native Riders is a small crew of skilled artists from Sebastopol, CA, who use the heritage and style of artistry handed down through many generations to design and create handmade accessories. Our process, our method, and creativity keep these traditions and crafts alive and well. This is the reason that even in this high-tech age, our traditional craftsmanship is flourishing. Our handmade accessories include cowhide rugs, belt buckles, wall hangings, Native American clay pottery, Panama palm leaf hats, antler pipes, antler peace pipe, Tomahawk pipes and much more. Each accessory we make is born with energy and personality – love and care that will be felt every day by each artisan resonates from the heart of the accessory.