About Us

        Native Rider founded in 1970 in Sebastopol, California to preserve the traditional culture and process of making a variety of items made up of leather, feathers and other materials like wood. These items include leather jackets, women’s leather tops, leather bags, leather purses, feather clips, feather earrings, handmade accessories, handmade pipes and many other goods.
        As our name suggests, Native Rider follows age-old, traditional and truly exceptional methods of goods making and gathering resources in Sebastopol. We strive to honor all the living beings around us and we respect our ancestors by choosing the path of a real native rider! We make sure that while gathering the resources for every item we make; we are not polluting and spoiling our Mother Earth! In this same manner, our work environment is tailored to reduce, reuse and recycle. We make full use of our leather hides and never throw out ‘leftovers’ from pattern cutting, as everything eventually can be utilized. We have minimal usage of paper products for our daily work, and we support ethical & fair trade products. We are well-known in Sebastopol, CA for the top quality leather goods, feather products, and handmade accessories at much affordable prices.
        At Native Riders in Sebastopol, CA, we are always evolving to increase our efforts to progress in our stewardship of the planet. We are forever students of the globe, so we strive to improve daily, realizing there is so much to learn and integrate into our day-to-day lifestyles and habits. We pledge to continue to develop in this area and hope to become an inspiration for others to follow this path! So, if you are looking for customized, carefully designed and creatively carved leather goods, leather products, and handmade accessories in Sebastopol, California, Native Rider will make sure to offer you these items at surprisingly affordable rates.