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Welcome to Native Riders - Sebastopol, California

        Since our inception in 1970, Native Riders are the makers of the finest leather goods, leather products and handmade accessories of exceptional quality in Sebastopol, California. For the last 46 years, Native Riders are eagerly endeavoring to create all our handcrafted items with respect and honor to all the living things.
        Our process of goods making involves creativity, innovation, and respect for our culture and the past. At Native Rider's, we pay homage to our ancestors by remembering the old ways of resource gathering, thereby leaving our world as unpolluted and unspoiled as possible. We believe, doing things in the given traditional way can truly empower the goods maker to create something incredibly beautiful as well as powerful.
        For the last 35 years in Sebastopol, CA, every Native Rider leather jackets, women’s leather tops, leather bags, leather purses, feather clips, feather earrings, handmade accessories, handmade pipes and many other goods have been proudly crafted in honor and homage towards our ancestors and to last a lifetime. Each item is individually handmade by our skilled artisans using the finest and carefully selected leathers. Our exclusive leathers go through a standard process to accentuate the full grain, color variances and natural imperfections of each hide. We use only cruelty-free feathers to make our feather products of exceptional qualities.
        At Native rider, Sebastopol, CA, we use only the finest materials and meticulous hand craftsmanship to create leather goods of outstanding quality. We stand out from other leather goods providers due to our highly personalized service at affordable rates. We offer you the customized leather goods, feather products and handmade accessories the way you exactly desire.

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Leather Goods

Since inception, the Native Rider has celebrated over 46 of constant work in the making of the quality and skillfully crafted leather goods.


Feather Products

Our best selling, beautiful feather products are made with natural pheasant feathers. These wonderfully simple and elegant feather products can be worn every day..


Handmade Tools

The native Riders is a small crew of skilled artists from Sebastopol, CA, who use the heritage and style of artistry handed down through..